This is a very strong and well designed system. Cheryl is going to be so happy when she gets home and sees the garage organized.

Sam & Cheryl JOklahoma City, OK

I really like the flooring and am very satisfied with the Monkey Bar Storage Solution.

Rick TOklahoma City, OK

As a home builder I was looking for good quality storage at a fair price. I really like how strong built it is, and how one can have multiple items hanging below the shelf. It is something I will recommend to people who buy the homes I build.

David JOklahoma City, OK

This will allow me to eliminate the cost of a storage unit and save me over $50.00 a month. I really like the system, plus I have much better access to my property and it will pay for itself in about one year.

Rick JEdmond, OK

Plenty of information. Meticulous installation. Works like a charm.

Jim PEdmond, OK

Really versatile and durable system. I like how easy it is to change as my storage needs change.

Jim DShawnee, OK

Now I can park my cars in the garage and the Monkey Bar Storage Solution will last a lifetime.

Steve SYukon, OK

The Monkey Bar Storage can hold a lot of items. I am very happy with the install and liked how you showed me how to hang the various items.

Misty KMoore, OK

I really like the system and install. It is everything I wanted and more. You did a really great job.

MarkOklahoma City, OK